Friday, December 18, 2009

the semester is OVER the semester is over. I feel...strange. I wish that this program were 3 years long...I really dont feel like I am where I would like to be just yet! But I guess we can ALWAYS get better. Anyway, here I am on friday night drinking wine and...DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN: DRAWING! (for myself). What can I say?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Myself as a mermaid

this is me as a mermaid to go with "mikemaid". my shells match his hair

Friday, November 27, 2009

if my boyfriend were a merman...

so I promised myself I wouldn't draw too many mermaids in this program, but there has been a lot of talk about mermen around class lately.
I thought it would be funny to draw my boyfriend as a merman. what a hunk!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

'stache sketch

a friend of mine shaved this moustache onto his face. I thought it was pretty sweet and fitting with my moustache obsession.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've been drawing a lot of middle aged men lately, so I decided to attempt a woman. I've added women and girls on my list of things to keep working on!

Sunday, October 25, 2009



I've been drawing moustaches lately. apprpriate because movember is coming up. haven't heard of it? look it up!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Goofy slip

Ok, so this is my rough of my rough animation that is due tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Alice...

So this is my Alice animation. We have some time later in the semester to clean up some of our animations and I think I want to try and fix and finish this up. The lip sync is a bit off, but it is definitely better than my last animation!

this was just a quick pose test for a slip and fall. We are going to be doing a slip and fall for our next animation assignment. hopefully my real animation will come out a little less stiff, but I guess this only took a couple hours (with breaks haha).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final animation rough

This is my final animation for my first year at Cap. Our assignment was to animate stitch being chased and zapped/poked/shot at, etc. It was a lot of fun and I am happy with the way it turned out.

The song is "wildcat" by Ratatat

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who is Molotov?

This is an assignment for Special effects. We got to pick what we wanted for the final one so I picked a molotov cocktail. It goes pretty fast, but oh well! I would have liked to add more but fire is actually harder than I thought.