Saturday, September 25, 2010

A "UNIK" experience

Today I had one of the days since I moved up north!  I have an artist friend who does a lot of screenprinting in Smithers and she was running one of her awesome how-to workshops.  Here, we learned how to prep a screen, about different inks and materials, how to print your design, and we all got to make a t-shirt and print on anything else that we brought along with us.  I made 5 cards, printed on veneer, and made 3 t-shirts!  Her studio is absolutely fabulous (as is she) and the class was so much fun!  I got to use my octopus that I posted the other day and I learned A LOT.  I really didn't know that there was so much involved in screenprinting!  Visit Sophie Joubarne's blog and also her website Unik Printshop.  She also sells things on Etsy  She's an amazing artist who I think needs more recognition!!

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