Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another tree, another...10 cents?

As I head into my 7th season in the tree planting world (this time as a cook and NOT a planter), I am getting quite anxious.  Before the season starts, there are always mixed feelings of excitement and dread.  You're always excited to see old friends and meet new ones (although by this time, all of my 'cool' friends from the beginning are gone and are now replaced by fairly immature 19 year olds who insist on wearing makeup on days off and blow drying their hair in the mess tent), and you are always remembering all of the reasons why you swore you would never come back for another season.  so.  Here I am.  Going out for the last time.  Seriously.  This was a little something that I put together for our big big boss.  I call it "A Planter's Season in 3 parts".


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I really like this~ Koodos to tree planters!